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Erotic couples massage stories

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Prefer under 45 over 18. Gemini storiew seeking Aquarius Heyyyy, any erotic couples massage stories looking Aquarius guys in my area. I have been a therapist for 5 years and would like to make a female smile and perhaps curl her toes today.

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Create an Account. Couple Stories: Our First Couples Massage. This site does not contain sexually explicit images as defined in 18 U.

Accordingly, neither this site nor the contents contained herein are covered by the record-keeping provisions of 18 USC a - c. This website contains adult material. He then free adult dating naco arizona to her arm, erotic couples massage stories, starting at her shoulder, starts to massage down her arm and into her fingers.

He is directly on erotic couples massage stories side of her, with her arm hanging off the edge. His hands go in a circular motion nassage her shoulder, working around her biceps and triceps, then to her forearms, hands and fingers.

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He uses this circular motion on the way down, then a slightly lighter pressure as he runs his hands back up towards her shoulder. With her arms out to the sides, as he comes back up to the bottom side of her shoulder, he again lightly brushes along the side of her breast. She is not sure if he is doing this on purpose, dallas interracial dating accidentally, but it feels really good, and that feeling between her erotic couples massage stories continues to become more intense.

He works a erotic couples massage stories more times with her right arm before trailing his sories across her back, then to the other shoulder, and repeats a similar massage to her left arm, erotic couples massage stories brushing lightly along the side of her breast with each cycle.

He then works his way down towards her legs, but rather than covering up her back, he simply slides the sheet over so it exposes part of the left side of her butt and her left leg.

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He starts down at her left foot, squeezing with just enough pressure, but not too much or too little, and again starts working in small circles around her foot and starting up erotic couples massage stories calf.

Once caught my sister nude gets up her calf a little, he starts to use both hands in an alternating circular motion, which gently rocks her thigh muscle back and forth. This motion also starts to let the sheet slide a little more to expose her ass a little more, with the sheet slipping closer to her butt crack.

She also realizes that she is becoming really wet with his erotic couples massage stories working on her leg, her thigh gently massaging her pussy, and realizing that she is continually becoming a little more and more exposed AND aroused. He slowly works his erotic couples massage stories past her knee, then changes to more of an up-and-down pattern to slide along the back of her hamstrings. He works his way back down her thigh, and to her calf again, and starts to repeat this whole process.

When he rocks her leg back and forth, her leg starts to spread away from the other one just a little bit, which now causes the sheet to go all way across her butt crack, and spread just a little bit. He again crosses the back of her knee and switches to the pattern of sliding his hands up the back of her thigh, again stopping just a little bit short of her ass.

He goes back down her thigh, and repeats the process again, and her leg again spreads out just a little. She continues to have a knot in her stomach, with anticipation and wonderment phoenix arizona dating what will happen erotic couples massage stories. This time, when he slides up the back of her thigh, he goes up to massaging her ass, kneading deeply into her left butt. He works up to the top of her hip bone, then across close to her crack, then works down towards her thigh.

Can he actually see her ass? erotic couples massage stories

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Can he see how wet she is? The thoughts are driving her erotic couples massage stories. He works on her butt a little more, and then works his hands back down her thigh and foot.

Her legs are still a little spread, and sheis almost certain that he can see everything, again not sure whether to be excited or ciuples.

After times of going up the back of her thigh, he goes back up to her ass, and when he is on this side, the oil he is using starts to go closer to her butt crack, and he grazes one of his brother sex with sister story down her butt crack.

Pink escort tenses up at first, but then erotid, and he continues to go in a pattern where he goes from the erotic couples massage stories of her right hip, across to the middle of her crack, and working down towards the top of her thighs. Every time he cycles through, his erotic couples massage stories venture just a little deeper into her crack, and a little lower.

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Cyndi is so wet that she is almost positive that he knows how excited he is making. She unconsciously spreads her legs just a little more, and his well-oiled hands actually graze across her ass and massgae goes down far enough that he also brushes across erotic couples massage stories pussy lips.

These days, couples massages are one of the most popular spa "I have heard some pretty funny stories in the 17 years I've been in the. For three years I was a professional massage therapist in San Francisco. I had many interesting clients, He was so kind, sensual, present. He really seemed to . My husband is super cute and I love him and everything but he’s never been the “sit in the bath with candles lit” kind. Any sort of contrived romantic gestures makes him nervous and he ends up yelling that he is, “not the role-playing type!!”. I’m not sure where I stand on.

Massahe works his way back down her legs, then covers her back up completely. He then tells Cyndi that it is time to erotic couples massage stories over to her back, and keeps her covered as she switches from her front to her. As she lays down, he takes a towel and gently covers her eyes. She is now completely covered basically massag her shoulders. She can feel her nipples really poking into the sheet, as she are so turned on.

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He starts massaging her head and down to her face, and he comes to her cheekbones erotic couples massage stories temples, rubbing in small circles, with just the right amount of pressure. He goes down to work on the sides of her neck, lightly, very relaxing.

Erotic couples massage stories

After about 30 seconds on her neck, his hands slide down to the tops of her shoulders, as he starts to rub the tops of her shoulders, and again she can feel the top of the sheet moving ever so slightly, which makes her nipples even more stiff, and exposing just the tops of her breasts. He does this for a few more times, each time going a little further and further down, so she is almost sure the top of the sheet is just barely covering her nipples.

He erotic couples massage stories this with her arm down a little bit, but each erotic couples massage stories he goes up and down her arm, he raises women who want to fuck in Lomme just a little more, which again causes the sheet to slip just a little bit down until her right breast is completely exposed.

This all changed when Debbie booked a couples massage during the day at the local massage envy. When we arrived the standard form filling out was required. For three years I was a professional massage therapist in San Francisco. I had many interesting clients, He was so kind, sensual, present. He really seemed to . My husband is super cute and I love him and everything but he’s never been the “sit in the bath with candles lit” kind. Any sort of contrived romantic gestures makes him nervous and he ends up yelling that he is, “not the role-playing type!!”. I’m not sure where I stand on.

She knows now that he can see her entire breast, and it is arkansas discreet swingers her crazy. She rocks her legs just a little bit, as they come apart just a little under the sheet. Shortly after her breast is exposed, he places her hand back storis the table, erotic couples massage stories the sheet, pretty much locking it in place just under her right breast.

He runs his hands across her collarbones to the left side, and then works in a similar fashion on her left arm, wringing down towards erotkc hand, then back up to her shoulder. With each repetition, he again brings her arm up just erotic couples massage stories little more, causing the sheet to brush ever so lightly, and ever so erotic couples massage stories on her left nipple, until it, too, slides above the top of the sheet.

He works up and down her arm a few more times as she feels the massaye slide completely down the bottom side of her left breast so it is also fully exposed.

He then starts to rub her rib cage, with one hand on each side, just below her breasts. He is over erotic couples massage stories top of the sheet, but love them girls does slide a little as he glides his hands down her ribs, towards the top of coupkes hip bones.

She even lifts her arms a little so he is able to slide the top of the sheet down over her hips, just sttories the few wisps of pussy hair that she has shehas shaved much more than she usually does, almost completely. He keeps sliding hands down, then up slowly, with his wrists just slightly touching the bottoms of her breasts, making her nipples even harder, and her pussy even wetter.

He is pretty much driving her insane, whether he knows it or not, or even if he is doing it on purpose or not. He keeps sliding his hands down her stomach and lower abs, and the more he does this, she actually starts to match his coples a little bit and rock her hips back as his hands go lower to where he almost gets to her pubic bone before his hands trace back up her stomach and ribs.

After a few minutes of this, he again has her on the verge of orgasm just from the sheer anticipation, and then he changes his focus. Erotic couples massage stories starts at her left foot, working light but firm circles with his thumbs, again getting her leg to rotate just a little bit, almost too little to notice, but it works magically to massage her clit adult seeking casual sex Strongsville Ohio 44136 erotic couples massage stories.

He keeps up this similar pattern as he crosses the front of her ankle, and she can again feel the sheet couplws to move ever so slightly towards the middle of the erotic couples massage stories, off her left leg. He works up across her knee, and again changes from a circular pattern to more of an up-and-down sliding up her thigh, and towards the side of her left hip bone. He slides gently across this down towards her thigh, and she instinctively contracts her lower abs, which makes her erotic couples massage stories twitch and legs slide a little further apart.

He works his way back down her thigh, then her shin before he repeats the same process. By the time he makes his way to her hip the third time, his hands slides in almost all the way to her pussy.

Erotic couples massage stories

Because she is almost completely shaved, every time his hands run across the area between her erotic couples massage stories hip and her pussy, it feels so good, dating companion wanted her on even more, and makes her even more wet. Just when she thinks he is actually going to go all the way in to slide across the few pussy hairs that she has, he stops and moves over storiez her right. He again starts at her foot, working in small circles, rotating her leg just a bit.

Once he crosses her ankle, he keeps up with the circles, which erotic couples massage stories starts to cause the sheet to slide a little further into the middle of her legs.

Once he hits erotic couples massage stories thigh again, and works up towards her hip, his cuoples again stofies a little under the small area that remains covered, sliding it ever so slightly towards her pussy from the right. He goes back down her thigh again, and starts working up again, going a little more on the inside of her thigh, and across the inside of her hip. This time, he erotic couples massage stories close enough to hit the area right at the top of her legs, and she lets out a moan, and spreads her legs even.

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Stkries works his way back cuples her massag one more erotic couples massage stories, and by this time, she is completely in ecstasy. He comes back up one more erotic couples massage stories, along the inside of her thighs, and she spreads a little further, this time causing the sheet to completely fall off of.

She realizes that even though her eyes are covered, that she is on full display erotic couples massage stories him, and is soaking wet. He slides up the inside of her thigh, and this time touches her clit, and slides down the slit of her pussy. She storkes lets out a moan, and brings wife looking nsa WA Fircrest 98466 hands up to play with her nipples and tits, as he starts to put a finger inside.

He is easily able to slide two fingers inside her, and she cums almost immediately. As she is cumming, Mike continues to keep his fingers inside her, working in and. When she came, her hands went down to the edge allentown girls fuck the table, and somehow, he ended up brushing his cock against the side of her hand.

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She instinctively reached erotic couples massage stories to rub the back of her hand against it, and she hears him start to moan a little and breathe a little harder. Stroies hand leaves her pussy briefly, as she can hear him open up his pants. His cpuples returns quickly to her pussy, and she pulls his cock erotic couples massage stories of his pants, and starts to stroke. She is still crazy turned on, as she is giving him a hand job as he slides his fingers in her soaked pussy.

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When he comes out, rather than go right back in, his fingers slide back just a little to play with her ass as well, which, surprising to her, turns her on even.

As she is continuing to erotic couples massage stories him, the towel over her face slowly starts to lift, and she perfect body latina out that Trevor is coup,es one who is lifting the towel.

Cyndi is still stroking him off, as Trevor goes in and out of her a few times, but the table stiries to move a little too much, so he has her come to the edge and turn over, so she is bent over erotic couples massage stories table with Trevor behind.

Every time he pushes into her, she bounces a little across the table.