British airways 744

SeatGuru, seat Map, british Airways, boeing 747-400 ( 744 World (Business Class) Date: 21 November 2014 Reviewer: Mark Rees Sleep Comfort Sitting Comfort Overall Rating Seat Length Seat Width Seat Privacy Recommended Awful! Ground staff at LHR were clueless, coralling all premium/first/children in 5 queues, then having us wait 45 minutes before boarding. In a misguided attempt to get more passengers into the cabin BA persist with their "Yin-Yang" kalender configuration. Return leg on BA aircraft 777-200 but with a 2-4-2 config into the same width cabin! British airways business class seat review : airbus A380-800 Date Cabin Business Class Review by G Wilson Sleep Comfort Sitting Comfort Seat Length Seat Width Seat Privacy Recommended LHR-LAX. Cabin lights dimmed during most of flight. Whoever designed these seats should be made redundant immediately. Comfortable and private seat - 64A, my favorite, is not available to pre-book when you fly with miles. We were on Japan Airlines/British Airways flights - Sydney to Heathrow via Narita. 7-day free trial Learn more. This is upstairs so it is quiet but you have to pay more in advnce to get these seart. Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2013 / 04 / 27 for Seat 4F I cannot believe BA tries to pass this as First Class. The seats on this craft and the 777 are virtually identical, with fairly minor variations that I assume are related to the two jets' differing electrical layouts. Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2014 / 12 / 11 for Seat 1K nice seat with an interesting view from the windows. Would I choose to fly with one of BA's competitors, yes. Should be free for Biz class IMO and I suspect will be in yrs to come. This comment applies to 1A 1K Submitted by SeatGuru User on 2013 / 12 / 16 for Seat 61B Sat in an aisle seat for the first time in a long time. Slight downsides are a bit of unwanted light from the nearby toilet during night flights and the stewardesses have to walk past markt you each time they serve the upper deck so you get a bit of 'stomp-stomp!' The pros for this seat massively outweigh the. Service, robotic and unfriendly. The seat itself is like a coffin and you cannot move, stepping over people every time you want to get out. There is ample storage space and various windows to look out from.

British airways 744

The side of the aisle seats are completely open einlösen so you feel as if you are trying to sleep on a gurney placed in the corridor of an overcrowded hospital. Ol" submitted by Mike E on for Seat 29A. In future, this plane is relatively old, submitted by SeatGuru User on for Seat 29K This aircraft is very OLD. Flights history, the cabin is not very noisy and there is no lavatory in the front on that side causing increased foot traffic. When passenger satisfaction was an existing thing. Seat felt very hard but turned out to comfortable for 12 hours flight. S clearly older metal than the 777 but on whole I actually preferred this old dog.

For your next, british Airways flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable seats, legroom, and recline on Boeing 747-400 ( 744 ).This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title.

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It was more spacious and comfortable and I got more sleep during a long night flight.The available room is a disgrace for a product called 'Business'.